Welcome to my website! 

Hi! I am Yumi Blikberg living in Westchester / NY.

I am a health Coach and I work for women - especially moms! - to have happier life because I believe that when we women are happy that means whole world is happy too! 

I had been struggling with relationships with my daughter and husband until about one year ago. The reason why I was like that was the key to open the door of my true happiness! and now I was able to open the door and our relationships are really much better and I enjoy happiness coming from bottom of my heart everyday with love and smile.

I am happy to share my story and also happy to listen to your story! Then let's think together!

I offer individual and group sessions on online and in person.

The topics will be focused on what you like :

How to improve relationships between you and kids and partners and more

How to love yourself

Holistic health coaching ( completed certification programs at Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) )

Cooking tips based on Japanese and macrobiotic diet ( completed certification programs at Kushi Macrobiotic Institute ) 

​→Healing techniques ( Access  Consciousness bars session, meditation and more)

How to organize your house tidy and comfortable ( completed certification program of tidy up advisor ) 

Contact : acimiracles0358@gmail.com





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